Our principles for sharing U.S. vaccines include achieving broad global coverage; responding to surges and other urgent situations and public health needs; and responding to as many country requests as possible, including our neighbors. We are sharing vaccines as a continuation of our decades-long work to promote global public health and security.

Our work on a vaccine supply framework is guided by a three-part approach.

First, having successfully secured enough vaccine supply for Americans, we are donating surplus U.S. vaccine supply and encouraging other countries with surplus supplies to do the same. We will continue to donate additional vaccine doses across the coming months as supply becomes available.

Second, we are working with U.S. vaccine manufacturers to significantly increase vaccine supply for the rest of the world.

Third, we are working with our international partners, investment entities, pharmaceutical companies, and other manufacturers to create the kind of global vaccine production and manufacturing capacity and capabilities that can not only help the world beat this pandemic, but also help prepare the world to respond to potential future threats.

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